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Youth Ministry

Wai'oli Hui'ia Church doesn't just care about the keiki, but also care about the youth. We know how difficult it can be to grow up and change occurs all around us and with our lives. 

We offer a solution for the 6th graders - High Schoolers; 

Rooted Bible Study Group: A group of students that meet up on Tuesday from 4-6PM, that are interested in what God has to say about who they are, their significance, and who Jesus was. 

He-Brews Lounge: Every Saturday evening from 6-9PM, our Mission hall is open for 6th-12th graders to have a place to hang out, be a part of planned activities and be safe on the weekend.


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Each Tuesday and Saturday is led by The Youth Ministers David Cash.

You may send questions here or click on envelope.

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